A Clock In The Far Past

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A Clock In The Far Past


Sarabjeet Garcha


‘A solid poetry volume. . . . His poetry

can be adventurous and experimen-
tal, sometimes “marooned between

dream and deep dream.”’
Keki Daruwalla, The Hindu
‘Sarabjeet Garcha . . . writes a poetry
of arresting metaphor and tantalising
ambivalence, recalling childhood
memories and mapping discoveries
of the self on an ongoing journey.
This is a poetry of tacit implication
and meaning imbibed over the years
through extensive reading in various
languages, yet it remains distinctive
and individualistic. . . . Garcha is
an unusual and distinctive voice in
a fresh chapter of modern Indian
poetry in English.’

Manohar Shetty
‘Here is a sense of self as non-self
and a tantalising second-sense that
the soul may well be compromised:
the boundaries—the scientific, the
liturgical definitions—of memory,
matter and dream are fused. We
float, drift, surge and seep through
Garcha’s narrow passage of time
reinvigorated, wishing only to hear
more of his “riverine stories” and to
come to rest on his lush shores.’
Marc Vincenz
‘His language displays a delicacy and
sharpness that treats us to close-ups
we may not have noticed before: “the
cellophane of a dragonfly’s wings” or
“a raindrop . . . like a lyric on a leaf”.
Poetry lovers will find a lot to feast on
in this richly textured book.’
Saleem Peeradina

*Published by Dhauli Books. Distributed by Copper Coin.

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