Morning Light

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Morning Light


Manohar Shetty


Clarity, precision and an undertone
of irony have always been the
cornerstones of Manohar Shetty’s
poetry. In this, his seventh individual
collection, Shetty extends the
frontiers of his work to tackle
political concerns and whisperings
of mortality. The poems are replete
with his trademark metaphors
and similes: the new moon is ‘a
thumbnail sketch’; oilslicks washed
ashore are like ‘smudged mascara’;
a fleeing snake ‘pours itself into a
hole’ and grieving eyes well up ‘Like
a deserted street/After a sudden
Along with a cross-examination on
the craft of poetry itself, Goa, his
adopted home over the past thirty
years, is a lingering and evocative
presence. Graced by verbal dexterity
and subtlety, this is a substantial
collection which values lucidity over
willful obscurity and accessibility
over ponderous complexity. Readers
will find a responsive and echoing
chord in Morning Light. As Shetty
puts it, these poems are ‘A bequest
with no return/Address—a piece of
paper/ Folded close to the heart’.

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