Paper Asylum


Paper Asylum


Rochelle Potkar


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‘Rochelle has the haibuneer’s gift of vivid succinctness: ‘Manojji is a curious man. His eyes and ears are always shifting.’ The author could be describing herself, who and what she is—her senses alive, feeding on each other, wanting nothing more than to capture our world in the honey-trap of words, a world that is slipping away from us:

autumn whirlwind . . .
a child grabs at her
candy floss

‘The Anglophone haibuneers and haijin of India, mentors and colleagues acknowledged here by Rochelle, are making their mark on the literary scene and the mosaic they are creating with such palpable skill and joy will be complete when other languages of India join in the fun.’

Gabriel Rosenstock


‘There is something very unique about Paper Asylum that continues to draw you in. I dare you not to get to the end of this one. Every haibun poet has a unique style, and the work by Rochelle is no exception. She has found the core of the form and expressed it in a way that makes it her own. Some of the haiku in this collection would be standouts on their own, but when combined with her fine toned prose they just sing the haibun form. Her choice of topics is varied and sometimes startling. This is a book for poets, and especially poets who love haibun. The Japanese may have created the haibun form, but Rochelle Potkar has it at home in her world entirely. A wonderful read indeed!’

Michael Rehling


‘Rochelle Potkar is the ideal travel companion—adaptive, incisive, witty—and in Paper Asylum she invites us to pay closer attention to our surroundings, with delightful results. She takes the measure of the world in haibun and free verse, enlarging our perspective by yoking together unlikely things, reminding us that ‘everything grows, not just love, hope, and memory’. This book will grow on you. Enjoy!’

Christopher Merrill


About the Author

Author of The Arithmetic of Breasts and Other Stories and Four Degrees of SeparationRochelle Potkar is the alumna of Iowa’s International Writing Program (2015) and the Charles Wallace writer’s fellowship, University of Stirling (2017). Her prose has been performed on stages in Iowa and Portland, Maine. Winner of the 2016 Open Road Review short story contest for ‘The Leaves of the Deodar’, her poem ‘Cellular: P.O.W.’ was shortlisted for the 2017 Hungry Hill competition, Ireland, and ‘Ground Up’ won third place at the David Burland Poetry Prize 2017. Her story ‘Chit Mahal (The Enclave)’ appears in The Best of Asian Short Stories. Her poem ‘The Girl from Lal Bazaar’ was shortlisted for the Gregory O’ Donoghue International Poetry Prize, 2018. She is editor of the Goan-Irish anthologyGoa: A Garland of Poems, with Gabriel Rosenstock.

Rochelle is co-founder of Arcs-of-a-Circle Artists’ Residency, Mumbai. She acted in a small role in the Tamil feature-length film Taramani. Her poem ‘Skirt’ has been made into a poetry film by Philippa Cousins for the Visible Poetry Project, 2018.

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